Fragments Chapter 8 Page 8

I mean you get Bluetooth for a car for the speaker bit, right? Handsfree so you can drive properly. I mean that’s the freaking idea, right? Anyways, I’m driving, shouting at my agent, trying to take another call.

“Hello, Hello?” I watch the seconds tick by on the Bluetooth display but nobody can hear anybody. We both hang up. I switch to handset, still driving like the clappers of God. I try to stay as calm as possible.

I am almost at the gig. The details finally come through. I am horrified. I am angry. But mostly I am horrified. On top of the fucking up of this booking. On top of it being completely last minute. On top of all of that he has grossly under priced it. There’s gonna be SIXTY, yup 60 kids there.