Fragments Chapter 8 Page 7

I’d gone to the local supermarket earlier with my last bit of cash and gotten a knocked down priced bag of bananas and a bottle of water. So I grab them too.

I jump in the car. The number arrives on my phone by text. I’m driving. Fast. Gig started half an hour ago. I’m half in and half out of my costume. Eating a banana and driving. Fast.

I live 5km away and I’m half an hour late. I ring the number on the text. It’s invalid. I ring my agent shouting at him- “at least text me the correct fucking number!” My call waiting is ringing. I hang up on my agent and try and take the call.

There’s something fucked up with the Bluetooth on this car with my phone. It connects ok but it keeps bouncing between handset, loud-speaker and a headset option which I don’t even have.