Fragments Chapter 6 Page 4

and white and flat until we look at it. I best iron a shirt for me trip tomorrow. Her name is Mary Ryan. Well she says it is and sure that could be right. You’d never know though. Here, I hope she’s in colour and right side up.

Grand morning. Sun is shining, bit of a wind. Jackie up the road has some of his snails to sell. He’ll give me a lift up to the city. I’ve a cheap room booked in a hostel in case the night goes on. I’ll have a beer or two so I will. Looking forward to that. Should be nice to meet Mary Ryan too. Yahoo, yahoo.

The one place I’ll have to avoid is the bookies. God I’ve frightened meself throwing away money on horse races that weren’t even real. Virtual horses, virtually winning which means not winning at all. A fiver at a time and feeling each time that I