Fragments Chapter 6 Page 3

Somehow we make it colour and all three dimensional. Oh, and get this, it’s upside down as well. It arrives at our eyes and we turn it right side up and turn it into a real thing. Not only that, we’re all doing it, so nobody sees the same world. I do be wondering how that works for radio.

I have a date tomorrow in the capital so I do. Kind of a blind affair in that I’ve never met her except on the old interweb. I don’t know if I’ll talk much about me theories. I think I’ll keep it simple and talk about that Presidential Yahoo over in America and the Gombaloo we have at the helm over here. Not for long though. Last thing he’ll do is meet the Yahoo and swop shrubs in honour of a fellah who got rid of snakes a while back. All of that will be upside down and in black