Fragments Chapter 6 Page 15

out if this is the one but it will do. I order a double Jameson and a pint and neck the whiskey while waiting for the Guinness and order another one which I’ll take slowly. The barman kinda frowns so I tell him I had some luck on the horses. Just a little celebration, due at dinner in an hour so I won’t be getting messy or anything. He says he didn’t notice anything amiss he just always has this frown on since he was younger. He introduces himself as Frank and says I can call him Frowny because that’s his nickname and we kinda laugh at that for a bit and then the pint arrives.

I never met Mary Ryan. I walked past the restaurant alright and saw a woman sitting at a table by herself. She looked nice. It mightn’t have been her at all. Meself and Frowny had become fast friends.