Fragments Chapter 6 Page 11

the light has almost reached the end of the yellow line and then be the Gods its 4,6,1. The light has reached the end of the yellow line and Major Tom himself has seen to it that I’ve about eight hundred euros in me pocket and some more loose notes of the 10 and 20 style too. I’m already wondering should meself and Mary Ryan jet off to Paris this very evening and bathe in champagne and caviar and young Michelle in the shop can come along too for the craic.

Go large or go home or as I’ve seen the young folks on the interweb say YOLO. You only live once. Two hundred euros down on Stardumb in the virtuals Number Six on account of four plus two is six and it has star in the title and its jockeys name is Paddy Odlum and that’s the name of an oat company