Fragments Chapter 6 Page 10

the numbers of the horses with the jockeys colours and they switch and change as the race goes on. You want your number to be at the front at all times especially at the end. Then in the bottom right hand corner of the screen there’s a yellow line with the shape of the track. This has a wee light on it to tell you how far they’ve gone and how far they have to go. I tend to just watch the numbers and the yellow line and I suppose sometimes I look at the actual horses even though none of it is real at all at all.

Bowies Star doesn’t look too shiny with the numbers on the screen. It’s a short race so the yellow line is straight and the light is over a third of the way on and the numbers are reading 6,1,3. Six looks like its stretching out to win and then its 6,1,4 and then it’s 6,4,3 and