Fragments Chapter 6 Page 1

The music helps. Classical. I like the radio. So I do. Better than the telly. Here. Wouldn’t it be great if life was like the Sky box? You could rewind it if you missed something important or pause it if you wanted a break. But no, it just carries on in one play. One life. One play. At least with video games you get a few lives and some class of a weapon. I had fierce quare dreams last night. Probably put too much topical cream on me piles. Fierce things piles but sure the cream helps. That new doctor in the town doesn’t pull any punches. Your arse is sore because you’re always sitting on it he says. He’s right too. So I’ll start watching the telly standing up so I will.

Anyways, in this dream last night, I was kissing some bird and there was a fierce storm going on outside.