Fragments Chapter 4 Page 1

Blank page. Pen begins. Stop. Scratch head. Thought. Stop. Scratch head. Better scratch pen across surface. Allow flow to take flight to dream of lands not yet imagined. To achingly craft cohesive. Stop. Scratch head. Nothing. Classical music in headphones. The violins soar through the arrangement. The cacophonous crash of kettle drums. A solo flute laments. The violins surge towards a crescendo. Images of birds flying from trees in a jungle perhaps a war is about to begin. Stop. Scratch head. Music continues. Nothing. Violin solo teases. Pen reflects with genuine ease now. Stop. Yet to begin. Violin dances. Trumpets invade. War on serenade. Lemonade. Quenching. Stop. Scratch head. Nothing. Start again. Pen begins. Stop. Scratch head. The music has stopped. It is a live concert. Hear the applause of the crowd. The empty space of the concert hall.