Fragments Chapter 18 Page 3

soiled boxer shorts, swarthy, overweight, flaccid, unwashed, unkempt, waiting for the paint to dry.

How he’d managed to convince Peter and Peter to exhibit his new collection, with his reputation in tatters, was quite remarkable. Considering the wake of destruction he had left on his trail. Stomping around the town like a giant, petulant child with giant tastes. It was a miracle that any venue would agree to show his latest work. But both Peter and Peter had agreed, albeit through an overwhelming fit of laughter, tears and guffawing. Especially when he told them the title of the exhibit was to be “Great Expectations”

“By jaysus the expectations will be great alright” guffawed Peter

“They’ll be greatly expecting you to fall on your hole whilst shagging their wives so they will” chimed in Peter the other.