Fragments Chapter 18 Page 14

I’ve been an awful fucker in my time. Peter was a great fucker. Jesus, he’d give you the shirt off his back and he often did. He was a beautiful man. A husband. A Liverpool fan. Well nobody’s perfect. A citizen. A proprietor. God I loved him as you all did too. That’s why you’re here. And as he heads off for the final time his Closing Time bell has rung. We shall never see the likes of him again. For as Peter will tell you there was really only one Peter. No doubt when he gets to the pearly gates, and is greeted by Peter, there’ll be a whole heap of confusion and no doubt he wouldn’t have it any other way. Peter that is or now was. Go on you good thing”

Something beautiful that had begun as a smile during Jessie’s words had long since cascaded into hearty laughter and joy.