Fragments Chapter 14 Page 4

but they probably won’t drink again until my wedding day. Maybe the odd pint here or there, nothing scary.

Five or six years ago I was Paulies best man, drank like that at the stag, passed out, woke up in the back of an ambulance and convinced them to drop me at an early house. It would save them time on paperwork and they’d be able to help someone with a deeper need. I’d be grand.

I never made it to the wedding, can’t really remember why. I think I may have come along to the afters alright. But by mistake if I recall. That was it. I was staying in the hotel for the wedding. Checked in a few days early. Went walkabout and completely forgot the reason I was staying in the hotel. So when I arrived back and saw a big party going on downstairs naturally I wanted to be life and soul of it.