Fragments Chapter 12 Page 9

Oh God it couldhave happened to anyone. But it happened to me and him and enough said. Enough done. It was done. It was said and it happened.

But then, later on in our careers, he became attracted to a twenty one year old Rebecca, or Becca as I call her.

And so on and so forth and eugh smiles at the wedding. Get on, get on, get on, as you do, as you do, as you do.

Hard to know really how it would have all ended up but it did. Hmmm, and here we are.

I suppose you want more? What can I tell you?

Hmmmm. I’m tired now. You haven’t fed me for at least ten hours. Still you expect me to confess? Ahaaa ha ha. How can you expect me to confess on an empty stomach?