Fragments Chapter 12 Page 7

Just as the College of Surgeons had access to body parts, the Dentists had it all. Including and beginning with that most wondrous thing Nitrous Oxide. N2O. Due to cause fits and giggles or dislodge the brain function.

Ooh oh oh oh that first of hits was sublime. And is so often the case every further hit after it was trying to ressurect it, relive it, just as it was. Until the rest became a sordid case of misadventure.

We were addicts. There, I said it. Addicts. No chance. Craven needs had to be fulfilled at every single juncture. All different times we took to take this substance to elevate ourselves. To lose ourselves in riddles of laughter, no explanations, no illusions, just sheer unadulterated addiction.

The craving we felt it messed with our mind.