Fragments Chapter 12 Page 6

”laughing parties” as far back as the 1700’s? Myself and himself and didn’t stand a chance. It’s true. As far back as the 1700’s people used to get together and consume Nitrous Oxide. This wonderous thing and just laugh and laugh and laugh in various states of undress.

Of course the College of Surgeons had been involved in a very public display of malpractice. Not one for talking about things but it was quite serious for a time. It turns out that a cohort of liberal would be doctors had stolen an arm from a cadaver and shoved it up a volunteers arm charging 1 note a go to shake a dead man’s hand for a charity. Turns out the charity was bogus and the lads were pocketing all the cash. Which was substantial.

Quite the kerfuffle. On so many levels.