Fragments Chapter 11 Page 18

As I take each step through the crowd towards the stage all the worries of promotion dissolve. Every word in my monologue spins in my head all jumbled and in the wrong order. I step closer and take the Mic and say “Good evening ladies and Gentlemen you are all very Welcome to OPENING NIGHT of the biggest little comedy club in town. We’ve got an incredible show for you tonight.” I say my name and go through the line-up and warm up their funny bones. There’s giggles and smiles and guffaws and snorts and laughs and I have them, they have me, we have each other, we are one. An unknown part of me reminds me that this is what my life is about. This is why I am here on this planet and that these 90 people stuffed into the space are the most beautiful souls ever gathered in one place. I am in love and loved.